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In Pictures: POW! WOW! art festival transforms Israeli streets

A week-long art festival called POW! WOW! was held in the southern city of Adan, Hawaii. Photos of the work of four Israeli artists on the walls of Israel were exhibited. Here are some of the highlights from the festival.

The colorful wall by Dioz

A Girl looks at the colourful art wall made by the Israeli artist, Dioz. The picture was captured during the art festival, POW! WOW! Israel

The new Israel street wall

Israeli artist, Klone transforming a wall during POW! WOW! Israel.

Art wall by Zero Cents

The artwork by American-Israeli artist Zero Cents.

Modified piece of wall by Zero cents

A dog stands in front of the painting done by the American-Israeli artist Zero cents.

Wall art by Noelle Enright

A man stands right next to the wall painted by the Hawaiian artist Noelle Enright during the art festival POW! WOW!, Israel