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How two men are playing the longest hole in golf - across Mongolia

Adam Rolston of Northern Ireland and Ron Rutland of South Africa are playing 'the longest hole' in golf -- clear across Mongolia. (No, not at various golf clubs, they're playing clear across the country.) (Courtesy: The Longest Hole)

Let's make a journey together

Ron Rutland, a caddie and an old friend of the golfer Adam Rolston, had previously held an incredible ride where he cycled from his native South Africa to England. Rutland and his friend Rolston met in Kenya after the former's epic ride and planned the adventures Golf journey.

Rutland is managing all the golf equipment and other gear in an especially designed cart.

Teeing off

They planned to cover 1,850 kilometres in 82 days. Rolston, who used to be a rugby player, is a scratch golfer.

And the journey begins

The duo began the journey amidst the "sleet rain and bogs of the mountain, with desert and valleys waiting ahead". They started on 29 June 2017 from the base camp of Khuiten Peak.

Mile to go

The journey that started in late May has already covered a distance of 1949.3 km. Rolston and Rutland have made a daily target of 25 km to complete the remaining 50.7 km before 16 September.

Team work

The pair is moving all across the vast plains, valleys, mountains, and deserts of the sparsely populated country. Continuing together in the harsh climate and the extreme weather of Mongolia.

Exotic Golf

Rolston golfing across the different terrains of Mongolia-mountains, deserts, plains

Time to put best foot forward

Rolston and Rutland pose for a picture together, 54 hours before their journey began.

Friends of Golf

Before setting off the journey, Adam Rolston and Ron Rutland, receive a grand see off from friends and family.

400 golf balls

Rolston and Rutland carried around 400 golf balls with them which accounted for 25-30 kgs.

Ambitious Sky

The duo is set to make a world record by executing an epic play all over Mongolia. They will be tracking every shot and keep score using an app. The pair will also raise funds for Laureus Sport and the South African Golf Development Board.

And they say, 'Life is better in a tent'

'The simple or night, life is better in a tent!'