Disaster Reduction Day: Most devastating floods in India

India is one of the worst flood-affected countries in the world

Floods in Northeast

Arunachal, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland, these cities were highly affected due to floods. The Brahmaputra, a transboundary river that flows through China, India and Bangladesh was the reason behind flooding in the northeastern region of India, killing 85 and displacing many.

Natural habitats of animals like Kaziranga National Park, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and Nameri National Park was also flooded. There was a huge impact on endangered species such as one-horned rhino of Kaziranga National Park. Around 225 animals died in Kaziranga Nationa Park, 15 rhinos were found dead.

Floods in Bihar

Over 19 districts in Bihar were badly affected by floods during August 2017. Parts of northern Bihar were submerged in water due to torrential rains, flooding rivers like Gandak, Burhi Gandak, Bagmati, Kamla, Kosi and Mahananda.

514 people died and many were displaced. Bihar is India's most flood-prone area.

Floods in Gujarat

In 2017, during monsoon season, a low-pressure system developed over the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal creating heavy rains in Gujarat region.

Nearly, 130,000 people were reallocated to a safer place and 213 lost their lives.

Floods in Uttar Pradesh

In 2017, over 24 districts of Uttar Pradesh were hit by floods which killed 69 people.

A period of heavy rain had caused a disastrous flood-like situation in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh.

Floods in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is also a flood-prone region. Some of the most affected districts are Rewa, Raisen, Mandla, Seoni, Sehore, Sagar, Damoh, Tikamgarh, and Agar-Malwa.

Heavy rains flood rivers like Narmada, Betwa and Tawa.

Floods in West Bengal

In 2017, major destruction was caused due to a dam had breached in Purnea district of Bihar.

Property worth 14000 crores (approx) was lost, while 152 people died and nearly 1.5 crores were displaced.

Floods in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is highly prone to cloudburst and heavy rains that lead to floods and landslides.

The state is still recovering from the devastating flood of 2013, that caused havoc in the region by claiming the lives of almost 5748.