Inspiring others to get in shape: the Danny Jones way!

No matter what your goals or dreams are, I am 100% confident that I can help you make a plan to reach them: Danny Jones

The 'Hulk' is here!

Danny Jones, who has become an Instagram rage among fitness freaks, grew up in southern California where he was associated with sports from an early age.

The fire department: The Fun job!

He learnt about the effect of different foods on the human body while studying nutrition. He used the techniques he learnt during his education on his own body. He also worked in the fire department for some time.

The perfect transformation

Danny posts a picture on Instagram describing the journey of his transformation.

Visit to Uganda

While on a visit to Uganda, Danny said: "I am here with a team to bring a solution to the need for fresh water in villages. I am not a hero. I am not claiming to be a "white savior". I am not asking you to rejoice and celebrate my tolerance. While I'm here, I am going to document my time and help raise awareness. I will be giving you guys a link to donate as soon as its ready. It costs $7000 to build/drill a well. One well can provide for-literally-thousands of villagers. 12 wells have already been drilled and 10 more are coming."

In love with Uganda: Danny

In this Instagram picture, Danny captures a beautiful moment with young faces of the village in Uganda.

Today's workout session

Danny posted a picture of him working out on his Instagram page. It is because of this kind of workout that he looks so fit and healthy.

Take my protein everywhere with me: Danny

Danny posing with a protein supplement.

Too tall to fit in!

"Some of us just weren't born for traveling": Danny quips in one of his Instagram posts as he can't fit into a car.

Danny posts an amazing grid of transformation

This picture shows the amazing transformation witnessed by one of his online clients.