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Colombians take to bed to celebrate World Laziness Day

The 'festival of laziness' is meant to urge overstressed workers to slow down. Because stress kills

The big lazy

Colombians in the city of Itagui took it easy on Sunday to mark the annual 'World Laziness Day'. The words La Perezosa mean
'The Lazy' in Spanish

Nothing doing, all day long

The daylong celebration of relaxation has been held annually since 1985 in this small city of some 200,000 people in northwestern Colombia.

Stressed? Tranquilo

The idea is to urge overstressed workers to slow down. (The word tranquilo means to 'chill out' in Spanish.)

Paradox in paradise

Itagui is known, rather paradoxically, for its bustling commerce and its thriving industrial park.

Work-life balance

'We wanted to draw attention to the importance in any community of free time and leisure activities,' said Carlos Mario Montoya, 65, who started the festival 32 years ago.

Work is worse than laziness

Those taking part in the annual fete say laziness gets a bad rap. Far worse, they say, is the wear-and-tear of workaday life, and all the physical and emotional ailments that often go along with it.

Stress kills

'The biggest illness we have today is stress -- the hustle-bustle of everyday life,' said Jhon Jairo Alonso, reclining in his pajamas in the midday sunshine.