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Boom Boom Becker & his women

Tennis star Boris Becker was declared bankrupt by a London court this week. The multiple grand slam champion had a string of girlfriends but is now settled down with his 'last wife'. Did the lavish lifestyle eventually bring his downfall?

Boris Becker 'the wrecker'

Former German tennis star Boris Becker was declared bankrupt by a London court this week.

Lawyers for the three-time former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker pleaded with a Bankruptcy Court registrar to allow Becker a "last chance" to pay off the debt which dates back to 2015.

"Surprised and disappointed that Arbuthnot Latham chose to bring these proceedings against me," Becker, 49, wrote on Twitter, referring to the bankruptcy application made by private bankers Arbuthnot Latham & Co in connection with a judgment debt owed to them by the six-time major winner.

Becker's lawyer said his client was not likely to benefit from bankruptcy and it could have an adverse effect on his "image".

But the judge responded: "He should have thought about that a long time ago."

The judge said: "It is not often the case that a professional person has a judgment (debt) outstanding against them since October 2015. This is a historic debt.

"One has the impression of a man with his head in the sand."

Boris Becker and Barbara Feltus

Boris married Barbara Feltus on 17 December 1993.

On 18 January 1994, their son Noah Gabriel, named after Becker's friends Yannick Noah and Peter Gabriel, was born.

Their second child, Elias Becker was born on 4 September 1999.

The couple got divorced in December 2000 as he admitted to his wife that he had the one night stand with model Angela Ervakova and fathered a child (Anna Ermakova) while Barbara was pregnant with their second child.

Becker's private life imploded after he retired in 1999. There were a string of women, several unknown models and first-time meetings ending up in short term romance which completely submerged him.

Angela Ermakova and the broom closet incident

In his autobiography Hold On, Stay a While, Becker revealed that he had sex with waitress Angela Ermakova, only hours after his pregnant then wife, Barbara, had gone into hospital with contractions.

Becker wrote, "What drove me out into the night again I don't know. Afterwards, she went back to her friends."

"The following morning I drove to Barbara. We packed our 28 tennis bags and suitcases and left England."

Becker received a letter from Angela eight months later in Munich that he was about to become a father.

Annemarie Warnkross: Dated nine days, engaged & split

Annemarie Wankross famous for Bravo Supershow (2007) was egaged to Becker for two months. They dated for nine days after getting together in August 2008. They were engaged in August but separated three months later.

Patrice Farameh: Dated for 4 months & split

Patricen Farameh is a writer. Boris dated her for about 4 months and then split four months later.

Boris spoke of being "deeply in love" with this Iranian-American beauty.

'Last wife': Mrs Lilly Kerssenberg Becker

Boris married Dutch model Lilly on 12 June 2009 in St Moritz, Switzerland.

The couple has been together for the past five years and they became proud parents in 2010.

Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker is Boris Becker's fourth child.

The Daughter: Anna Ermakova

Anna Ermakova is the daughter of model Angela Ermakova and Boris Becker. She was born on March 22, 2000. She is model and TV personality in Germany.

It w?? not until February 2001, wh?n Becker acknowledged paternity of his daughter. In October 2009, h? confirmed m?di? reports th?t th? child w?? th? result ?f ?n encounter in 1999 ?t a London restaurant.

Noah Gabriel Becker

Noah Becker was born on January 18, 1994 in Munich, Germany.

Noah is Becker's first son from Barbara Feltus. He is 23-years-old.

Noah is famously known for his own fashion line called Fancy Clothing. He is also quite a lady killer himself!

Elias Becker

Becker's second son Elias was born on 4 September 1999.

Barbara and Boris got divorced in December 2000 as Boris fathered a child out of wedlock in 1999 and during that time Barbara was pregnant with their second child Elias.

Young Boris Becker

Becker shared the picture of young Boris Becker on Instagram from his childhood.
The caption says: No it's not #amadeus.......young #boris #tbt

Boris Becker with son Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker

Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker (born 10 February 2010) is the fourth child and third son of Boris Becker.

Luis Becker was born at Portland Hospital, London on 10th February 2010.