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Antonella Roccuzzo: Meet the future Mrs Messi

Lionel Messi and his girlfriend model Antonella Roccuzzo will tie the knot on 30th June

Messi-Antonella wedding

Antonella Roccuzzo is Lionel Messi's girlfriend, and has two sons with him, Thiago Messi (4) and Mateo Messi (1).

Thiago was born on 2 November, 2012 and Mateo was born on 11 September, 2015.

The two boys live with their parents in Barcelona.

Messi-Antonella wedding

Antonella and Lionel have known each other since they were five- years-old. Antonella was the cousin of Lionel's best friend Lucas Scaglia.

The two fell in love in 2009, and have been going strong since then.

A model by profession, Antonella was a nutrition science student.

Messi-Antonella wedding

Antonella got a crown tattoo just above the inside of her elbow in 2016, matching it to Lionel Messi's similar tattoo.

Messi-Antonella wedding

Messi has several tattoos over his body, the most visible being the ones on his right arm and left leg.

On his back is his mother's portrait, his left leg carries his son Thiago's name and a sword with his beloved football on one side and his jersey number 10 on the other.

His upper arm carries the image of Jesus Christ, while the elbow is inscribed with a rose window.

His most recent tattoo matches his wife-to-be Antonella's crown tattoo, placed just above the insides of their elbows.

Messi-Antonella wedding

Antonella has taken after her soon-to-be-husband's affinity to ink, though not as much. She has both her sons' names inked in the back of each of her hands.

Messi-Antonella wedding

Antonella and Sofia Balbi, wife of Luis Suarez, have launched a fashion business by opening an Argentine shoe firm Sarkany's. The firm opened its first boutique in Europe, obviously in Barcelona.

Ricky Sarkany, the entrepreneur and designer has been the brand leader since 1985.

Messi-Antonella wedding

Lionel Messi and his elder son Thiago, who have won the hearts of fans are always under heavy scrutiny.

Messi-Antonella wedding

Messi shares a deep connection with his son. His second tattoo is of his first child Thiago. The Argentine forward decided to get the tattoo inked on the back his left foot, which is his strongest and from which he has been scoring goals with throughout the years. Messi got Thiago?s handprints engraved along with his name below in the shape of a heart.

Messi and Antonella wedding

Mateo and Thiago love their father, as can be seen in this recent picture uploaded by Antonella.

Messi-Antonella wedding

Though Thiago Messi does not like football, he is seen enjoying playing with his mini Copa Del Rey trophy, trying to drink his coke from it, after Barcelona won the finals of Copa Del Rey.

Messi-Antonella wedding

Antonella drives her boys to school herself every day. She is known to devote much of her time to her children.

Antonella tries to stay far away from the limelight. She has been known to turn down many interviews too. Nevertheless, she is quite vocal on Instagram, where 3.9 million people follow her.

She does not have a Facebook or a Twitter account.

Messi-Antonella wedding

After a long courtship of seven-and-a-half years, the couple have decided to tie the knot on June 30th this year.

Antonella has revealed that she would be wearing a Rosa Clara dress at her wedding.