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All work and no play for Indian workers

India is among the most vacation-deprived nations in the world. By Saurabh Goenka. Creatives: Ishu Vaid

Indians work more hours than Chinese

Managers in Mexico can be considered the most workaholic followed by the USA. 61 per cent Mexicans and 58 per cent Americans work more than 40 hours a week.

Around 55 per cent of managers in India work more the ideal 40 hours a week schedule. The similar figure for China is as low as 19 per cent.

Work-life balance most skewed in Japan, Germany

As per a recent survey done by Ernst and Young, one-third of full-time workers say that managing work-life has become more difficult in the last five years.

34 per cent of the Indians surveyed find it difficult to manage family and personal issues along with their work. Employees in Germany and Japan feel most difficult to have a work-life balance.

Majority of Indian workers lack holidays

India is among the most vacation-deprived nations in the world, where 60 per cent of the working class feels vacation deprived.

In Spain and UAE, people feel the most vacation deprived. The USA is also among the top countries in the list. Interestingly, in Japan, 44 per cent of the people feel difficult to maintain the work-life balance, however, only 34 per cent feel vacation deprived.

People will give up coffee for a day off

Globally, 87 per cent of employed adults would be willing to make sacrifices in exchange for more time away.

47 per cent of the people surveyed in a poll said that they will give-up alcohol for a week in order to get an extra day off, while 40 per cent and 32 per cent people offered to give up social media and coffee respectively.

Indians take 15, French 30

Indians received 21 annual vacation days but could only take 15, in 2016. This implied that Indian's on an average could only avail 70 per cent of their available leaves.

Comparatively, in countries like France, Spain and Brazil people received and availed 30 days of annual leave from their work. In countries like these taking off from work is not a taboo.

Indians cancel vacation for work

It is very common in India to cancel/postpone vacations due to work pressure, as also verified by a recent survey done by Expedia. As per the survey 71 per cent of respondents have done the same in 2016.

Moreover, even when they are on vacation, they cannot disconnect from their work. Around 37 per cent of Indian would check their e-mail at least once per day when they are on vacation.

Indians don't take vacations to keep bosses happy

Reasons for not taking vacations range from work restrictions to encashing unused leaves. Around 28 per cent Indian in 2016 did not take a vacation in order to encash their unused leaves.

21 per cent felt that not taking offs is a good method to make their bosses happy while 10 per cent of the people surveyed felt guilty about taking vacations.