Afghanistan has history with 7 major religions

WION Edge: While Afghanistan is known as a country with Islam as the main and only religion, it is less known that it has rich historical connections to other religions.


ZOROASTRIANISM: Bactria city has been home to Zarathustra, the founder of the Zoroastrianism religion. Zoroastrianism spread to become one of the world's most influential religions and was the main faith of the old Aryan people for centuries. Source : (WikiMedia Commons)


HINDUISM: Hindus form one of the largest religious minority in Afghanistan. Even though most of the Hindu population has migrated to India, about 1,000 individuals still live in Kabul and other major cities. The picture shows Ekamukhalinga (Shiva linga with one face) in Afghanistan (Source ; WikiMedia Commons)


CHRISTIANITY: Afghanistan does not officially recognize citizens as Christians. There is just one recognized church in country, the Catholic chapel at the Italian Embassy that cannot be accessed by locals. However, several sources, claim that there is a secret underground church built Afghan Christians. The US state department declared that an estimated of size of 500-8000 individuals reside in Afghanistan. (Source : WikiMedia Commons)


BUDDHISM: Buddhism arrived in Afghanistan in 305 BC and has been the major religion of the country in pre-Islamic times, especially in the 4th and 5th centuries. The largest statues of Buddhas were carved on the cliffside in the city of Bamiyan, they were destroyed in 2001.


JUDAISM: Jews have been residing in Afghanistan for over 1,500 years. However. the communities have reduced recently. As of 2004, there were only two Jews left in Afghanistan, namely Zablon Simintov and Isaac Levy

Bah?'? Faith

Baha?i faith originated in 1919 in Afghanistan to become one of the most prominent religions. The picture shows first Local Spiritual Assembly of the followers in Kabul (1948). Source : Bahai Historical Facts