A short and sweet history of the rasgulla

The sweetmeat was invented in 1868 in Kolkata -- but don't tell that to the Odiyas who have (so far had) a competing claim

Bittersweet battle won by Bengal

Bengal on Tuesday finally won the bittersweet battle of where the rasgulla originated. The Geographical Indications Registry said it did so in Bengal, and not Odisha. The two states had been fighting over the sweet since June 2015. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons) (Others)

The Odisha claim

Odisha said historical research proved the rasgulla originated in Puri. And that its first avatar was ‘kheer mohana’, which later evolved into the ‘pahala rasagolla’. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons) (Others)

A sweet fit for a goddess

Legend says the rasgulla is offered to the goddess Lakshmi by her husband Jagannath on the last day of the Jagannath rath yatra. He offers her the sweet so that she will allow him back into the temple --
she is upset because Jagannath, along with his brother and sister, left on the nine-day rath yatra without her consent. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons) (Others)

Invented in Bengal in 1868

The Bengal government, on the other hand, said the rasgulla was invented in 1868 by Nobin Chandra Das, a famous Kolkata sweetmeat maker. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons) (Others)

Father to son to grandson

Nobin Chandra set up his first shop in Jorashanko, Kolkata in 1866. It was not a success. A chain of sweet shops was set up by his son Krishna Chandra, which continue to run today. (Image source: Facebook) (Others)