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Michael Phelps qualifies for Rio Olympics

Michael Phelps competes in the final heat for the men's 200 metre butterfly during the 2016 US Olympic trials. Photograph: (Getty)

Reuters Omaha, United States Jun 30, 2016, 08.27 AM (IST)
Determined to exit swimming on his own terms, American swimmer Michael Phelps cleared a major hurdle on the road to Rio on Wednesday, qualifying for a fifth Olympics with a victory that paves the way to more glory.

Phelps heads to Rio thanks to his 200 metres butterfly win at the US Olympic trials with the goal of adding this victory to his staggering record total of 22 medals, including 18 gold, and pen a happy ending to a brilliant career that he feels he denied himself at the 2012 London Olympics.

"Coming back and being able to have the opportunity to finish how I want," said Phelps, of his motivation. "I`m doing this because I wanted to.

"Thinking about the ups and downs we`ve gone through, in and out of the pool, to get to this point and not feeling an absolute 100 percent, but still being able to get the job done... I think things are probably going to hit me a lot more emotionally now than what they would have in the past, because I`m enjoying the moment."

According to Phelps, this Olympic journey is more important than the destination, a trip into retirement that he is determined to share with his fiancee Nicole and infant son Boomer, who were among the sellout crowd of 14,000 at the CenturyLink Centre.

At London Olympics, which he had declared to be his last games, Phelps won four gold and overall six medals but walked away with the regret that he simply went through the motions.

He subsequently talked of a golf career but eventually found himself testing the waters of a swimming comeback which was interrupted by a second drunk driving arrest in 2014 and a stint in rehab.

After accepting the medal for his 200 fly win, Phelps searched the darkened arena for his partner and child, joining them poolside where he hugged Nicole and planted a kiss on his son`s forehead.

"I don`t see him every day. I try to, but if I do it`s for a very short moment, so any time I have with him is always very special," sayd the swimmer about his son.

Aside from the result, very little in his 200m swim on Wednesday evening pleased Phelps, the winning time of 1:54.84 well off his world record mark of 1:51.51.

"Awful," he sais when asked to assess the last part of his swim. 

"I think with everything that has happened, being able to come back was probably harder than any swim I have had in my life.
"Getting on the team was the most important thing and that was the only thing I had to do tonight." 

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