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Wondering what Hollywood actor Jim Carrey has been up to? Well, drawing!

Jim Carrey (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Photograph: (Others)

WION Delhi, India Aug 10, 2017, 05.48 AM (IST)

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey known for his comic timing and quick wit in movies is up to something new. 

The actor who has shied away from prying eyes of the audience, for a couple of years now, is back in the limelight with a documentary. The documentary titled "Jim Carrey: I Needed Color" shows the actor in action, in his art studio.

Watch Jim Carrey in his art studio:

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from SGG on Vimeo.

It gives the viewers an insight into Carrey's life, the time and energy he is putting into it and his passion to indulge in the works of art. Carrey can be seen showing off his various methods of creating artwork: heavy and measured brush strokes, modelling clay, squeegeeing paint off of canvases, and then pouring paint directly on them.

"I Needed Color" released on a video-sharing platform some three weeks ago and it has already been viewed 2.4 million times. 

Jim Carrey like many of his peers has finally come out with his artistic bent and given the audience a chance to come closer to the world that a Hollywood celebrity lives beyond acting.

But this is not a one-off case as he has on previous occasions, indulged in similar pursuits. In 2011, Carrey had first unveiled his artwork, in the self-titled painting gallery "Jim Carrey: Nothing to See Here," in Palm Springs. The show was well received, and featured electric coloured paintings with a pop art tinge, with themes of overexposure, celebrity, and emotional vulnerability. 

If the numbers are to be believed, this is just a small start for the brilliant actor. 




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