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Whitney Houston and Prince memorabilia up for auction

Whitney Houston's personal mementos go up for sale in auction. Photograph: (Getty)

Reuters Beverly Hills, California Jun 23, 2016, 01.52 AM (IST)
Memorabilia representing the careers of the late entertainers Whitney Houston and Prince will go up for sale during a public auction in Beverly Hills, California on June 24-25.

Heritage Auctions is presenting more than 100 pieces documenting the career of Houston, including many personal items that belonged to the singer.

"Some of theses people are iconic and transcend the genre whether it is film or music that they're in," said Heritage Auction`s consignment director Giles Moon, speaking about Houston, who died of accidental drowning due to the effects of cocaine use and heart disease in 2012. "Whitney Houston is one of those where she isn't just a pop star, she had a huge global appeal in other areas. I think that is important to remember and that is why certain people are more collectible than others."

Among the items expected to generate the most interest include awards and onstage costumes worn during the singer's 30-year career, as well as an autographed book from Nelson Mandela and sneakers worn by basketball great Michael Jordan.

Other highlights of the auction include her personal script from the 1995 film "Waiting to Exhale", which is expected to go for $1,000, and a US passport used during her first international tour in 1985 with a starting bid of $1,300.

"Some of these pieces that we have in the auction are very personal mementos," said Moon.

"We got awards and we have costumes that she wore on stage. We also have things that people gave to her, Nelson Mandela signed a book to her. She was a very good friend of his. We also have a pair of sneakers that were given to her by Michael Jordan, that were actually worn by him. These types of items also appeal to other types of collectors, sports collectors. I think there will be a great deal of interest from all types of fans."

The sale is titled, "The Whitney Houston Collection."

Prince's iconic Yellow Cloud guitar is also expected to be highly sought after. The one of a kind custom solid-bodied electric guitar has an opening bid set at $30,000 and it was said to be one of the late singer's favourites.

"I think you are right because there are people that collect celebrity-owned guitars and there are people who collect Prince memorabilia," said Moon. "It is such an iconic and important piece. If you were to see that I think 9 out of 10 people would immediately recognize that that was Prince's guitar. I think that is a very powerful thing. It is a very collectible item because of that."

Additional memorabilia includes a lock of the late singer David Bowie's hair.

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