WATCH: Adorable kids crash live BBC interview

Kelly's adorable daughter dances into the interview, and automatically becomes more interesting than whatever he was saying. Image via Inside Edition, YouTube. Photograph:( Others )

WION New Delhi, Delhi, India Mar 11, 2017, 07.35 AM (IST)

BBC correspondent Robert Kelly was giving a live interview to BBC World from his home, but just before he could pronounce on the impeachment of South Korea's president, in came his young and absolutely adorable infant daughter, dancing her way into the middle of the live interview with precocious swag.

Watch it here:

She seems very comfortable on live TV, dancing and eating a popsicle.

Consummate professionals, Kelly and his anchor counterpart manage to contain their amusement, but just barely. 

Not to be outdone, the popsicle-eating dancer was soon followed by her baby sibling, who somehow wiggled her way into the room despite being entrapped in a piece of baby furniture on wheels and despite being only a baby. 

Finally Kelly's wife bursts into the room in a panic to quickly and adroitly remove both children from camera range. 

And as the children disappear, so does the internet's interest in the rest of the interview.

But not before inspiring others.