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Twitter sees jump in official requests for removing content deemed illegal

Twitter made no specific reference to Trump or his tweet this week saying he has a 'nuclear button' which is 'bigger and more powerful' than that of North Korea's. Photograph: (Zee News Network)

New York, NY, United States Sep 22, 2016, 07.48 AM (IST)

Request for removing content deemed inappropriate from social media platform Twitter went up by 13 per cent in the first half of the year, according to a report released by the US-based company.

Twitter said it received 4,434 requests from across 37 countries for removing content considered illegal by the law.  A total of 20,594 accounts were targeted by the company, but no action was taken on 15,195 of them, Twitter said.

The report did not say if content riddance was in any way an effort to prevent extremists from instigating violence. 

The United States made the maximum – over 2,520 - account information requests, most of which were from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service, and the New York County District Attorney's Office. Japan was second to the US in making information account requests, accounting for 732 of the overall 5,676 requests. 
US Intelligence blocked from accessing data

Twitter has blocked US intelligence from accessing the real-time data analytics service Dataminr due to 'privacy concerns', AFP reported today.

"Due to privacy concerns, we have not authorized Dataminr or any third party to sell data to a government or intelligence agency for surveillance purposes," Twitter said in a released statement at the time. 

The US National Security Agency chief and NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers have expressed criticism for not being granted access to the data mining service that could help prevent terror attack plots. 

(WION with inputs from AFP)

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