Students at Massachusetts design 'wearable sculptures' to bring out beauty in disability

Wearables created by middle and high school students from NuVu Studio showcase the strengths and character of disabled artists Photograph:( Facebook )

WION Delhi, India Mar 14, 2017, 09.50 AM (IST) Zeba Khan

Beauty in disability? This new art series is working towards highlighting the importance of body diversity with the help of a series of chic wearable sculptures. Created by students at NuVu Studio in Massachusetts, the wearable sculptures are designed for dancers and performance artists with disabilities. 

In their latest performance art piece titled “On Display”, the artists paired with performers from Heidi Latsky Dance in New York City to create wearable designs that puts emphasis on each dancer's strength and resilience. It tackles an important issue of exploring body image and appearance-based judgment. The sculptures debuted earlier this March as part of the ReelAbilities Film Festival in New York City.

The NuVu Studio runs a three-month long design programme for middle school and high school students. 

In their official release, the art pieces “encourages viewers to look at each performer's physical differences for longer than would normally be socially acceptable, in order to gain a deeper understanding for what life is like when you constantly feel 'on display''”. 

This particular project features five performers who have different disabilities, ranging from cerebral palsy to low vision. Each performer wore white sculptures and expressed with their unique wearables, how they embody their bodies. 

"On Display" is currently an ongoing performance art project with multiple parts that tours throughout the country.