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Spider-Man Homecoming movie review: This is the web-slinger we were waiting for all these years

Spider-man: Homecoming is surprisingly beyond comparing to its previous versions Photograph: (Others)

Others New Delhi, Delhi, India Jul 06, 2017, 12.33 PM (IST)

One of the most famous and loved superhero of all time, Spider-Man made a much awaited and much needed Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in last year’s Captain America: Civil War. Many were of opinion that Spider-Man was one of the best parts of the film. Fans were even more elated when it was announced that the very next year that is in 2017, Spider-Man will be starring in his own film, helmed  by MCU. The film was titled Spider-Man: Homecoming and it was revealed that will also feature MCU’s poster boy since its inception in 2008, Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man aka Tony Stark. Directed by Jon Watts, film stars Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, Zendaya and Michael Keaton among others.

What’s It About

The film starts right after the aftermaths of Captain America: Civil War as far as Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) story is concerned but Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) aka Vulture’s story goes back to the first Avengers film. Film follows the life of Peter Parker and how his life changes after his stint along with the Avengers. While Tony Stark assures him he’ll be called when the time is right and advises him to not do what Tony would do and definitely not do what Tony wouldn’t do. Basically, Tony wants him to be the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man while Peter wants to prove his worth and is just looking for a chance. And that one chance arrives in The Vulture! Once he comes face to face with The Vulture, all hell breaks loose, so much so that even Tony leaves him on his own. What happens next forms the rest of the film. 

What’s Good

Even though I am one of those who grew up on Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man trilogy and loathed Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man duology for two reasons, films not being anything like original trilogy and Andrew not being Tobey, but Tom Holland here is beyond comparison. He is goofy, childish, bumbling and yet endearing. He creates the sort of persona of Spider-Man in this film that you just can’t compare him with the previous two. You can still be a fan of Tobey’s take on the web slinger and love Tom’s turn at it. Moreover, Tom is a very able actor, the whole scene of his with Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes in a car, speaks volume about his talent and the one in pre-climax when he decides to be an ‘adult’.

Michael Keaton is one of the major reasons the film turns out to be what it is. He balances it out, if Peter is goofy, Adrian is no nonsense and menacing. When he turns into The Vulture, he is a scene stealer, his voice, demeanor, mannerism, aura works wonders for the film. Like I mentioned above that one scene in a car was the highlight of the film for me. While he does all those dreadful activities, somewhere in your heart, you still feel for him.

Jacob Batalon as Ned, Peter’s best friend plays a perfect sidekick and often raises laughter quotient in the film. Marisa Tomei as Aunt May is as hot as she is talented and makers have played to that in the film. No wonder Tony Stark wanted to know if she’s wearing something ‘skimpy’. Other actors be it Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan, Zendaya as Michelle and Laura Harrier as Liz give able support.

And what can I say about the truly invincible Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. The more I say about his screen presence and acting ability, will be an insult to one of the world’s biggest stars. He is charismatic, enigmatic, majestic and charming. 

As far as film is concerned, like every other Marvel movie, film plays high on humour and there is not a single dull moment in the film. Spider-Man here is a trainee and is far away from learning the ropes or webs in this case, of being a superhero. This is the most grounded version of Spider-Man, which one can easily relate to for we finally get to see the difficulty Peter faces while he balances his school and trying to be a superhero. In fact if not for a superhero film, this film works well enough and can easily be passed off as a high school comedy.

There are many digs or reference, of course, indirect at (surprisingly) DCEU superheroes like Flash, Batman, Superman and Green Arrow. (Or maybe I read too much between the lines.) Anyway it was a win!

Apart from that there are several other easter eggs and references that’ll be fun for the fans.

The music is fine with Vulture’s theme score standing out. The special effects are first rate.

And finally, out of all the MCU, DCEU and other franchise blockbusters of Hollywood, this film has the best post-credit scene ever. You have to wait for it… 

What’s Not

While the earlier face-offs between Spider-Man and Vulture were worth your money, it is the climax that I  found a little underwhelming. Make no mistake the end fight scene’s build up is fantastic, it ends way before it should’ve, as if makers were in a hurry. Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, “The High School Bully” in Peter’s life was, highly underused.

I know it’s a Spider-Man film but still I was expecting a fair screen time of Robert Downey Jr (blame it on the promos) but he had very limited scenes…may be that’s the fanboy in me speaking.

And why oh why, you wouldn’t show that money shot moment from the trailer where Iron Man and Spider-Man are shown slinging/flying around the city. That scene was missing from the film.

Apart from the above things, film, most importantly lacked depth, which was the major reason I loved Wonder Woman and Logan. Both of those films have soul, here it’s all mind blasting entertainment. 

What To Do

The question is, Can Marvel ever go wrong? Well the answer is NO, I don’t think so. They know the tips and tricks of how to play to the gallery and successfully churn out an entertaining blockbuster. What’s commendable here is they have done it with a superhero who is already a hit with the fans and have been played twice before in last 15 years. Watch the film for its non-stop entertainment and humour, for Tom Holland and Michael Keaton, for MCU finally getting a good villain after Loki and…well it’s MCU, you are gonna watch it, anyway. This is the Spider-Man we were waiting for all these years.

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