How two brothers are documenting National Parks in United States

More Than Just Parks is an initiative to film national parks around United States Photograph:( WION )

Others Delhi, India Feb 21, 2017, 10.08 AM (IST) Zeba Khan

Will Pattiz & Jim Pattiz are two brothers on a mission to document and film every National Park in United States. Their initiative called More Than Just Parks, is born out of their love for ‘protected land meant to conserve wild nature’, with a motive to create engaging multimedia stories to ensure their continued protection and enjoyment for future generations.

The Pattiz brothers, filmmakers and founders of Sea Raven Media, conceptualised More Than Just Parks, after visiting a national park five years ago. Using a mix of time-lapse photography, virtual reality and real-time videos, they started a project to film all 59 national parks in the States. They have filmed a journey into the landscape of 10 national parks so far. 

According to the official website, the founder brothers usually take around two to four weeks to film one national park. Last year December, they filmed Hawai’i Volcanoes. The video captures natural activities including some of the best features of the park like lava flowing into the ocean. While filming in extreme and remote locations, they travel light without sacrificing their ability to capture great content.

Will told Digital Trends that, “We were lucky enough to be there when the lava was actually hitting the water — and it ended up being quite dangerous, too.” 

HAWAI'I VOLCANOES 8K from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo. It takes the viewer into the volcanic landscapes of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, situated on the island of Hawaii.

GRAND TETON 8K from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo. It took almost a month to complete. It covers Jackson Hole Valley and the Teton Mountain Range spread over 500 square miles. 

BADLANDS 8K from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo

Every time a new administration takes over, there are several challenges that nature conservationists face due to a modification in measures governing the natural habitats. What adds to the pressure is a fleet of other threats like climate change, ecological disturbance and human interference. 

While in the process of capturing one park, Jim told Digital Trends, “The places that we were filming from are totally gone. The landscape is constantly evolving. New landscape is forming every day.” 

The filmmakers are hoping to raise money towards reaching a dream of capturing all 59 national parks and making people aware of its relevance. It's a cycle of conserving the natural habitat for varied flora and fauna, eventually leading to maintaining an ecosystem favourable for the human race. The official website has various modes of payment options and allows people to experience an entry into the national parks. Follow their journey here