Michael Phelps vs Great White Shark: Who will win?

Who is faster?-- Michael Phelps or Great Shark. Photograph:( Facebook )

WION Web Team Delhi, India Jul 13, 2017, 05.18 AM (IST)

American Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is all set to race against a great white shark next Sunday(23rd July) as part of Discovery Channel's annual program "Shark Week" and we cannot wait to see the final result. 


In photo: Phelps with his family on a boat. (Instagram)


Shark Week

"Shark Week" was first premiered on 17th July, 1988. Initially, the show was meant to clear preconceived notion behind sharks and as it caught on "Shark Week" became a cult TV show with a huge fan following.

This time Discovery Channel has decided to race Phelps against the great white shark. The 32-year-old American swimmer is the most successful Olympian of all time winning 28 Olympic medals which include 23 gold medals.



Phelps began his gold medal hunt in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, aged just 15. He became the youngest male swimmer to enter US Olympic swim team. Phelps had decided to retire after the London Olympics in 2012 but came out of retirement in the 2016 Rio Olympics to win 5 golds and one silver. 

The star Olympian has also started a foundation called "Michael Phelps Foundation" which encourages youngsters to take up swimming as a sport. The foundation actively educates people about water safety.


Michael Phelps promoting pool safety in his Instagram post. (Instagram)


“Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Phelps said that he made sure about the safety aspects for the race and only then agreed to go along. He also shared his fascination with sharks while talking about his great white opponent. 

Discussing a few details about his race with the weekly, Phelps said "We raced 100 meters. It’s hard when you have low visibility, and we did set up a lane line to make it look like there was a pool, but it is challenging to see straight and see where you’re going in water like that. It was difficult, but it was a fun experience that I’ll never forget — and hopefully will have that chance again."

The stunt by Phelps is the new showstopper for the "Shark Week". And however absurd it may seem, the swimmer has definitely raised the bar under water.

Michael Phelps eating crabs with his family for dinner. He is clearly very fond of sea food! (Instagram)