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Amul Girl: Indian dairy brand's mascot turns 50

Amul's advertisement plays on France's burkini ban. Photograph: (Others)

WION New Delhi, India Oct 17, 2016, 02.23 PM (IST)

She is the mascot used by an Indian dairy brand. She is a young Indian girl dressed in a polka-dotted dress, who makes powerful social commentary. She is the brand ambassador of Amul. She is the Amul girl!

The advertising mascot used by India's dairy brand Amul turns 50 this October.

The character was conceptualised by Sylvester da Cunha in 1966 along with illustrator Eustace Fernandes and Usha Katrak, among others.

Amul has constantly run into trouble with companies and political parties for their advertisements and campaigns. In 2001, Indian Airlines threatened to pull Amul butter from their airlines after they ran a campaign criticising their strike.

“As India gets darker, the campaign is a ray of sunshine to make people laugh about what they are feeling dark about,” Rahul daCunha, creative director of daCunha Communications and the man driving the Amul campaign, told ET Magazine.

On the occasion of Amul's 50 year anniversary, WION looks at some of the company's advertisements which tickled our funny bone and made a social commentary while promoting the brand.

Amul's advertisements on the occasion of Bob Dylan's win of the Nobel Literature Prize. (Image source: Amul's website) (Others)


The blue haired girl is shown in the middle of two arguing US presidential candidates. The ad comments on the rivalry between the two as well as cleverly suggests that there should be no 'argument' about Amul. (Others)


'Going Fawad or thinking backward', the advertisement tried to highlight the ongoing discussion on the ban of Pakistani artists in India. (Others)


The Amul girl became a devotee on the occasion of Durga Puja celebrations worshipping goddess Durga. The ad's tagline encouraged everyone to 'sher' (share) it with all, word-playing on the goddess' mode of travel - a sher (lion). (WION)


'Amul wins taste test' read the brand's advertisement when India made news by topping the Test rankings. (WION)


The war over waters of India's Cauvery river also featured on Amul's advertisement poster. (Others)




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