A heartwarming story of two Ohio sisters, Alyssa and Annalicia, takes over the internet

Alyssa tweeted this picture after her sister could read a menu for the first time Photograph:( Twitter )

WION Delhi, India Mar 30, 2017, 06.29 AM (IST) Zeba Khan

Two sisters from Ohio are all over the internet for sharing on twitter what can be called the most emotional picture of the day. Alyssa is a 16-year-old who studies in Grove City, Ohio while her 17-years-old sister Annalicia Herrera studies at the Ohio State School for the Blind. 

On Monday night, the two with their grandmother and brother went to a nearby restaurant for dinner, but were met with a pleasant surprise while ordering for food. Annalicia has been visually-impaired since birth and a visit to the restaurant always meant someone would tell her a couple of things to order from or she would stick to the basic “chicken and fries”. 

But for the first time, Annalicia was handed down a menu that she could read: It was in Braille. (Invented in the 1800s, Braille aids the visually-impaired in reading. It is usually read by moving fingers over the raised dots on the paper.) 

Her sister Alyssa couldn't hide the excitement and published a photo of her sister reading on twitter which was instantly picked up by the twitterati crowd. 

This is the original tweet by Alyssa: 

Alyssa also posted a screenshot of a conversation with the restaurant, thanking them for making their visit special. The restaurant responded by inviting the siblings again, and gifted them a $50 gift coupon.

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In a statement, the restaurant said: “Attentive hospitality and personal connections are in our DNA. Red Robin takes great pride in our team members’ ability to go above and beyond to create memorable experiences for guests like Annalicia.” 

Meanwhile, people on Twitter from around the world lost it completely: 

Annalicia now hopes more and more restaurants start using braille menus for helping brighten the lives of all visually-impaired. “It will be amazing if everyone else gets that experience”, she said, speaking to Buzzfeed.