A clip from what made Sharon Stone a worldwide sex symbol: Basic Instinct version

Sharon Stone from her iconic role in Basic Instinct Photograph:( Others )

Delhi, India Aug 11, 2017, 08.31 AM (IST)

Who doesn't like Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct--those dangerous slits, dirty glances, killer assassin mode that made her an overnight success. 


Sharon recently took to Twitter to share a clip of her auditioning for her breakthrough film. In the clip, she pretends to take a drag of a cigarette, sips from her drink, and playfully performs the classic femme fatale character. She is actually running lines with director Paul Verhoeven, who’s standing in for Michael Douglas.

The 1992 film became a huge grosser at the box-office with some of the boldest scenes pulled off together.

For those who dont remember, she spoke about how she landed the role in a 2014 interview with Oprah. At that time she had said: “It was not an easy part to get. They offered it to 12 or 13 other women who turned it down. So it wasn’t like I got there and everyone was like, ‘Yay, she’s here!’ It was like, ‘Mm.’ But I knew walking on that set that I was enough.”

Watch the clip that deserves all the attention: