Opinion: Let's make a choice which India we need to live in

File photo. Photograph:( Zee News Network )

New Delhi, Delhi, India Apr 17, 2018, 02.40 PM (IST) Pankaj Agrawal

In India, two countries co-exist with each other both absolutely contradictory to each other. Both poise a huge paradox as such.

First, there is an India which is the largest democracy in the world and at the top of it a vibrant one as well. It is one of the fastest growing economies on the globe. On all worldwide acceptable economic parametres, India is marching ahead at a brisk pace. On Purchase Price Parity (PPP), India is the third largest economy in the world (fourth if European Union is also considered) behind USA and China. In fact, new world order is now crystal clear. The USA, China and India are set to take top three positions. India has steadily moved ahead and overtook various European countries, Russia and Japan. In oil & gas/energy consumption, yet another important indicator for the development, India is behind USA and China at the third spot.

India's aviation sector is growing at an unprecedented pace. India has created cricket carnivals like Indian Premier League - the spectacle whole Cricket fraternity across the world vies to be a part of. Be it a cricket match in Bangladesh or in the Caribbean, you would only see branding of Indian companies on the ground, which is the epitome of our control on the game.

It has created world-class institutions like IITs and IIMs. It has given the world a rare pool of talent, who are heading entities like Google and Pepsi. India's sportspersons are making their presence felt on global stages.

But just when you start gloating over India mentioned above, the second one pokes you and leaves you perplexed. This is the India where divide on the basis of caste is rife. On a simple Supreme Court verdict, a specific community can hit the road and paralyse life. This is the India, where Hindu-Muslim divide not only exists but also thriving. In this India, everybody is looking at the religion and caste of a criminal and a rapist. This is the India where a specific community would hit the road for the reservation and would literally choke the state. In this India, any self-styled godman has the temerity to take the state head-on. This is the India, where Naxalites roam with impunity and run their own kingdom.

So when you juxtapose first India and with the second one, you will simply get confused. Which India is closer to reality? Is first India really that good or second India really that bad?

The crux and verdict are clear. The country has the potential to march ahead but few fringe elements keep pulling it back, they keep scuttling our plan as a nation to excel.

Relentless opposition and a certain section of TRP hungry media are playing a sheer counter-productive role and they add fuel to anything which has potential to embarrass the ruling dispensation. Little do they realise that by keeping government engaged in these trivial issues, they are doing a huge disservice to the society and nation. This, after all, is a government elected by us only.

The need to the hour is to provide whatever impetus which can be provided to first India and to ignore and subvert the second one.

Unfortunately, we love negativity and controversies. Our fringe negates whatever good we achieve. The first India claims that one of the largest tax reform, the GST, has been successfully implemented, there is an improvement in ease of doing business in India, the country is all set to add hundreds of more airports, the first bullet train is on etc. But then the second India would say 'Look at what my citizens are doing in Unnao and Kathua' and then first India would put his head down despite its achievements.

We need to decide that which India should win in the end. The time has come for us as citizens to make our choice clear and move ahead. The fringe groups and political parties are not beyond us and we can't let them suppress the soul of our great nation. Time has come that only righteousness should prevail and we need to curb fringe elements irrespective of their caste and religion.

We can't let first India hang his head in shame due to misdeeds of the second one.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of ZMCL)