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Fuel prices touch three-year high

Petrol prices have been steadily increasing since 2016.(Representative image) Photograph: (PTI)

Reuters Kolkata, West Bengal, India Sep 13, 2017, 02.03 PM (IST)

Indians expressed their dismay on Wednesday (September 13) as a hike of 7-8 paise per litre in petrol and 10-11 paise per litre in diesel prices pushed the fuel rates to their highest since Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed office three years ago.

Fuel prices were revised across four Indian metros - New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai - on Tuesday (September 12) as part of the daily revision exercise. Following the hike, the petrol prices range between rupees 74 ($1.15) to rupees 80 ($1.25) while diesel prices range between rupees 61 ($0.95) to rupees 64 ($1).

Reportedly, the hike comes at a time when the price of international crude oil has reached $52.73 per barrel. The government had steadily increased excise duty on petrol and diesel when the global crude prices had dropped below $30 a barrel.

Dismayed customers queued up at fuel stations across the country and said the hike in fuel prices was burning a hole in the common man's pocket.

A customer in eastern Kolkata city, Swagatam Das, said a daily revision in fuel prices upset the budget of common people and caused problems in daily life.

Prices should be fixed monthly and not revised daily, suggested a customer in southern Hyderabad city.




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