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Sonu Dariyapur: Revenge story of Delhi's most wanted criminal

Sonu is known to have criminalistic traits from his early life. The young boy was obsessed with weapons, gangwar techniques, and criminals. Photograph: (Twitter)

WION Web Team New Delhi, India Sep 14, 2017, 11.44 AM (IST)

The arrest of Delhi's most wanted criminal

Sonu Dariyapur was travelling in his car when a police team interrupted him. He knew he was in trouble. When he saw that all the exit routes were blocked by cops, he started firing at them.

The police wearing bulletproof jackets returned fire and overpowered him. He knew it was over.

How did the 35-year-old become the most dangerous criminal of India's capital?

A village boy, a best friend, and a gangster

Who was he and what is his story? He was born in 1981 as Satyawan Sehrawat in Delhi's Dariyapur Village near Rohini.

The inhabitants often take the name of their village as their last name.

Sonu had criminal traits early in life. The young boy was obsessed with weapons, gangwar techniques and criminals.

He attended a government school till the 9th grade after which he dropped out.

The village is also where he became friends with Monu Dariyapur--two inseparable friends who took the same path in life--the path of crime.

It is said that Sonu went on the wrong path after joining a wrestling arena. 

The two best friends formed their own criminal squad known as the "Cobra Gang".

Eventually, their gang gained the reputation in the criminal world because of their harassing and land grabbing schemes.

The duo eventually got into the cable business but bad habits die hard. In the 2000s, they started running an illicit car trade, extortion racket, and other scams.

They were living their gangster dream. 

And then, the period of doom began.

The end of an era: Friends turn foes

The first crack in their friendship appeared when Monu fell in love with Sonu's cousin sister, Rajrani. Monu wanted to marry her.

Even though the two families approved of the relationship, Sonu was not okay with the idea of them being together as the two belonged to the same "Gotra" or clan, meaning descending from the same patriline. Sonu felt the two were siblings.

Monu Dariyapur (Facebook)


The entire gang started pressuring Monu to leave the girl and he finally gave in. 

However, one day Monu was informed that the family was planning to kill the girl. He could not contain himself and rescued her from Sonu's home. 

The couple fled and Sonu followed. Sonu fired at the couple after spotting them in Delhi's Punjabi Bagh area but the lovebirds survived. The police arrested Sonu and his gang. Even in jail, Sonu thirsted for revenge.

Sonu jumped his parole in 2009 and was on the run till this morning. The Delhi Police had formed special teams to nab him but he was always one step ahead.
He escaped to Nepal with the police putting a Rs 5 Lakh reward for any information on him — the highest for any criminal in Delhi.  

Meanwhile, Monu was given provided security. Sonu allegedly killed Monu's brother but could not get hold of his former best friend but he finally succeeded a few months ago. 

On April 30, while sitting in a police car with security, Monu Dariyapur was shot along with one of his friends and Assistant sub-inspector Vijay Singh.


The killings made Sonu the most wanted man in Delhi but his story ended this morning, Sonu now finds himself in jail with memories of a life lived on the edge.

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