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Video: Why a new Australian banknote is a blessing for the visually impaired

Banknotes for visually impaired Photograph: (Reuters)

WION Delhi, India Oct 17, 2016, 01.02 PM (IST) WION Edge

A new Australian banknote, which went into circulation from September 1, 2016, is good news for the visually impaired. The A$5 note has two raised dots on both long sides, allowing those who cannot see to identify its value. This is the country's first note to feature tactile markings, and is being hailed as a major breakthrough. The authorities feel that this will bring about a change in the lives of the 360,000 Australians who are visually impaired. 

The new design follows a 2012 petition by teenager Connor McLeod, who is blind from birth. The petition gathered more than 57,000 signatures and is being credited with persuading the Reserve Bank of Australia to make the change. 

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