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Video: 'Recycled orchestra' turns garbage into gold

Music school in South America show their love for music using instruments made out of rubbish that ultimately cut down on costs for the institution Photograph: (WION)

AFP New Delhi, India Oct 18, 2016, 08.05 AM (IST) WION Edge

A school in Paraguay, South America, is bringing together underprivileged kids to learn music. The school is located in Cateura, a suburb that grew out of Paraguay's largest dump.

Now, however, Cateura is fast gaining a reputation as a hothouse for musical talent. What’s most impressive is that the youth orchestra there plays instruments made from discarded rubbish. Impoverished children from Cateura, who are members of the orchestra, play violins built over oven trays and guitars made from dessert dishes. 

The orchestra gives youngsters a chance to transcend the squalor of their slum through the music of Mozart, Vivaldi and even Sinatra. 


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