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Video: La Tomatina Festival 2016

Large tons of trucks are reserved full with fresh tomatoes for this festival that comes all the way from south Spain Photograph: (WION)

Reuters New Delhi, India Oct 18, 2016, 12.50 PM (IST) WION Edge


Squeeze, aim, shoot!

It's like a snowball fight, but with juicy red tomatoes instead. Here's a look at La Tomatina Festival - a food fight that originated in Spain, but the idea of playing with and bathing with juicy red pulp took over the world. Most countries now celebrate their own version of the festival.

The event traces its roots back to 1945, when a group of young boys indulged in a street fight and started throwing tomatoes at each other until it was broken up by the local police.

From there grew a tradition that has attracted people from around the world to Spain.

Tons of tomatoes are grown and reserved for this day. After all the madness, participants are treated to a rain shower. Most people volunteer to clear the streets and the acids secreted by the tomatoes make the city cleaner! What an added advantage!


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