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Video: Dinosaurs roar back to life through virtual reality

The Natural History Museum has joined forces with Google to publish 300,000 digital specimens spanning millions of years Photograph: (WION)

Reuters New Delhi, India Oct 18, 2016, 06.51 AM (IST) WION Edge

The Natural History Museum in Berlin is a leading science research institute and a world-class visitor attraction.

It recently joined hands with Google’s Cultural Institute to bring dinosaurs to life through virtual reality. The museum only has space to display 25,000 of its 80 million specimens at one time. But with virtual reality, visitors can now view 300,000 digital specimens, including fossils from dinosaurs, mammoths and the dodo. 

The initiative comes with the motive of inspiring the next generation to think critically about sustainability and nature, while expanding the scope of scientific research. NHM is just one of 60 natural history museums around the world to partner with Google.

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