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Video: A club inside a telephone booth?

Experience the smallest discotheque that resides in a telephone booth Photograph: (AFP)

AFP New Delhi, India Sep 19, 2016, 10.03 AM (IST) WION Edge

If your idea of a club is a huge dance floor flooded with hundreds of dancing figurines, you might want to check out the smallest discotheque in the middle of the street that accommodates no more than five people.

Your personal party space unimaginably lies inside a small telephone booth that has been converted into a disco. The classic phone booths have been gradually disappearing however, more innovative uses are now giving phone booths a second life. They serve as mini libraries, decorative pieces and now as coin-operated mini-discos.

The phonebooth disco is a complete package in itself with smoke machines, disco-balls, light effects, dry ice and a touchscreen that lets you play your favourite music. The booth also comes with a built-in camera to capture your crazy moments! Unlike what one would imagine, the cramped space doesn’t act as a dampener to the party spirit.

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