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Tired of traffic, this Czech flies to work

Frantisek Hadrava spent two years and $4000 to develop an ultra lightweight plane that he calls ?Vampira? Photograph: (Getty)

WION New Delhi, India Sep 26, 2016, 01.05 PM (IST) WION Edge

While cities across the world are struggling with crowded roads and traffic jams, this man who chose a crazy way out to reach work on time - he built himself an airplane.

Frantisek Hadrava, 45, is a locksmith from the village of Zdikov in Czech Republic. It used to take him 12-14 minutes by car to reach his workplace, which is 15 km away from his home. He decided to build himself a plane to save five to seven minutes of his day. He spent two years and $4,000 to develop an ultra-lightweight plane that he calls ‘Vampira’.

Vampira is a single propeller aircraft, which is modeled after a series of American planes called Mini-MAX. Hadrava claims that the aircraft is almost entirely made of wood and consumes six litres of petrol per hour with a top speed of 91 miles/hr. He now lands his airplane on a meadow across his factory, and then drags it to the parking lot of the factory beside the other cars. He intends to build another airplane, which would be based on the legendary 100-year-old Deperdussin Monocoque.

Source: Quartz

(Inputs from Devanshi Verma and Tanmai Relwani)

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