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Street foods from South Asia you can't afford to miss

Street feast in India Photograph: (Twitter)

WION Delhi, India Sep 14, 2016, 06.22 AM (IST) WION Edge
They say that every food has its own story to tell. The South Asian region also has some of the most lip-smacking street foods that every foodie must try.

Here is a list of some delicacies from the region, recommended by social media users, that you must try: 
  • Nepal
Some must-haves are: Chatamari (crepe made of rice flour),  spiced and grilled buffalo meat locally known as Choila, which goes best with a homemade liquor called Newari, and  Nepalese-style barbecued meat better known as Sekuwa.

You can also try noodle soup, Thukpa.

Sweet dish made with rice, Phirni, is quite popular here.   

  • India
India is expansive in size and offers a huge range of street foods due to country's diversity.

Some delicacies worth giving a try are: Jalebi (crisp deep-fried refined flour and yogurt batter spirals dunked in saffron sugar syrup) in sweets, savoury snacks like Chaaat, Golgappas (fried crisps with flavoured water), Chole Bhature (fried bread coupled with spicy chickpea preparation) and Aloo Tikki (spiced, crispy potato patties).   
  • Pakistan

Street food lovers in Pakistan cannot afford to give a miss to 'Kebabs' (grilled and barbecued meat), Nihari (beef or lamb stew cooked slowly for a long period of time) and Biryani, a mixed rice dish. 


  • Afghanistan
?The landlocked country has a unique take on non-vegetarian food items.

You can have steamed Afghani dumpling, locally known as Mantu, filled with lamb. The dish is best served with yogurt and kidney beans in a tomato sauce and dried mint.

Bolani, traditional baked or fried flatbread stuffed with vegetables, is also popular among food connoisseurs. You can also feast on Afghani rice while travelling.   

  • Sri Lanka
?Dig into egg hoppers (pancakes and fried egg), or satiate your taste buds with sesame balls called Thalaguli.     
  • Bangladesh
?Influenced by Indian Bengali cuisine, Morog Pulao is a special kind of rice with large portions of chicken.   
  • Bhutan
?Try the hot and spicy Ema Datshi, red rice and stew made of chilies, cheese and veggies.

Shakam Datshi, a dish prepared with dried beef with red chillies, is also popular for its unique cheesy texture  
  • Maldives
?The island country is famous for its sea food. 

(Contributed by: Zeba Khan)

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