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Interview: A master key for your phone, online accounts and door lock

Everykey addresses the issue of security gap and claims to make your lives a whole lot convenient Photograph: (Others)

New Delhi, India Sep 23, 2016, 08.18 AM (IST) WION Edge
With huge online security threats doing the rounds and the problem of simplistic passwords growing, everyone is on the hunt for a one-stop solution.

Everykey addresses this issue of security gap and claims to make your lives a whole lot convenient. It is a bluetooth device which can lock or unlock your phone, laptop, tablet, house door and car door. Everykey generates secure passwords for your website accounts, then automatically logs you in when you visit a website.

WION Edge interviewed the chief communications officer of Everykey, Daniel Thomas, to understand more about the technology used. Excerpts:

What was the trigger point behind the making of Everykey?
In an entrepreneurship class at Case Western Reserve University, the founder Chris Wentz, and a group of classmates were given the task of recognising a major point of pain in the society. They decided that getting locked out of your door along with forgetting passwords for devices and accounts were major issues they wished could be solved. This compelled them to come up with the idea for Everykey.

McAfee antivirus was a great success; what urged you to start a new company?
John McAfee realised how revolutionary Everykey could be. So he wanted to be involved and helped launch the company.

Will using Everykey change the way people look at locking systems?
Yes, Everykey will make it much easier for people to manage their access control, be it getting into their house, car, devices, or online accounts.

Only a few accessories are available currently. Are you planning to expand? If so, can you give us an insight?
We are considering many other form factors for accessories. The world will have to wait to find out, though!


If you had to mention the best feature of your product, which one would it be?
It depends on what the person finds more of a pain point in their life, whether that be getting into physical devices or online accounts.

What is the selling price of your product? 
We are currently selling Everykey starting at $99 off our website. The price could change, though, as we are finding the ideal price point.

Which market do you think the product appeals to today? What would be your market choice to loop in further?
We currently appeal to techies in the age range of early twenties to early forties. We feel that Everykey can benefit everyone. We hope to reach a wider audience as it becomes more widespread.

What if someone loses the Everykey? How secure is it?
We have developed an extremely secure system for Everykey including the utilisation of AES-128 Bit Encryption. If someone loses their Everykey, they can remotely freeze it so that no one else can use it.

Is there going to be a next generation? What features will you add to it?
Yes, we intend on creating other generations of Everykey. It is possible that we will incorporate biometrics with our next generation of Everykey products.

Are there any plans for McAfee antivirus and Everykey to collaborate in the near future?
I can’t comment on that now, but anything is possible.

(Contributions by Karanveer Singh Arora & Ashna Mishra)
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