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Asexual Awareness Week: Music amplifying asexual voices

WION New Delhi,India Oct 27, 2016, 07.06 AM (IST) WION Edge




A new international campaign is underway to shed light on asexuality - an orientation where a person does not experience sexual attraction.

Asexual Awareness Week, which is being observed from October 23, 2016, is an effort aimed at educating people about asexual, aromantic, demi-sexual, and grey-asexual experiences.

Asexual people often experience erasure and invisibility in everyday life since there is limited public awareness regarding asexuality.

People often associate lack of sexual attraction as a characteristic of being depressed or lonely. However, asexuality is fluid like all other forms of sexuality.

The following powerful songs address the theme of asexuality and inspire to accept and celebrate oneself:


I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

“The time has come for me

To break out of this shell.”



Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

“You are beautiful no matter what they say

Words can’t bring you down.”



Same Love – Ryan Lewis and Macklemore

“And ‘God loves all his children’ is somehow forgotten

But we paraphrase a book written thirty five hundred years ago”



She Keeps Me Warm – Mary Lambert

“And I can’t change, even if I tried

Even if I wanted to.”



Built This Way – Samantha Ronson

“And I wonder if I’m just built this way

Cause every man I know makes me feel like I’m to blame”



Hold Each Other – A Great Big World

“People judged us they couldn’t see the connection”



Outlaws of Love – Adam Lambert

“They say we’ll rot in Hell, but I don’t think we will

They’ve branded us enough, ‘Outlaws of Love”



Grace Kelly- Mika

“Why don’t you like me?

Why don’t you like me without making me try?”



Believe – Cher

“But I know that I’ll get through this,

Cause I know I am strong.”



Home – One Direction

“When you’re lost, I’ll find the way

I’ll be your light

You’ll never feel like you’re alone

I’ll make this feel like home”


Miracle Drug – U2

“I’ve had enough of romantic love

I’d give it up, yeah, I’d give it up”


I Would Do Anything for Love; I Wouldn’t Do That – Meatloaf

“Some nights you’re breathing in fire,

Some nights you’re craved in ice.”



(Contributions by Mrunal Nerkar and Devanshi Verma)


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Some members of the asexual community wear a black ring on the middle finger of their right hand as a form of identification. The AVEN Triangle is regarded as the symbol of asexuality

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