A gadget that lets you turn videos into floating holograms

The system is designed to work with devices and does not require a projector or any other special equipment. Photograph:( Others )

New Delhi, India Sep 08, 2016, 08.16 AM (IST) WION Edge

A newly-launched US-based tech startup, HoloVit, claims to enhance viewers' experience by turning videos into three-dimensional holograms. 

With the tool that's also called HoloVit, the Miami-based company seeks to bring the futuristic technology of 'holograms' into everyone's homes so that users can watch 'holographic' videos using smartphones, laptops or tablets. 

The startup has created three types of screens: small screen for phones and tablets, medium screen for laptops and large screen for television.

WION Edge interviewed the co-founder of HoloVit, Sibel Stanz, to understand how the holographic technology works. Excerpts: 

How did HoloVit start?

Miami-based HoloVit Holography Systems is the brainchild of a tech-freak Jeff Deleon. 

He grew up in Israel and has been researching holography systems with several physics professors since 2002. Deleon developed his first holography system in 2006.

In 2015, he made his in-home holographic entertainment system to change the course of the home entertainment industry.


How does the holographic system work?

The system is designed to work with devices and does not require a projector or any other special equipment. In a sense, a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or TV becomes the projector as it faces a HoloVit screen.

When set at the optimal distance (for best results), images and videos come to life, even in brightly-lit rooms.

Holographic technology can be used as a medium for film-viewing. Do you think this can happen on such a large scale? How?

In order for the films to be viewed as a hologram, they have to be produced with a black background.

How much do your products cost? 

Screens come in three different sizes, with pledges starting at $79.

What according to you is the best use of the holographic technology?

The most innovative part of our project is the new Hologram Recording Set, where you can turn yourself into a hologram. It is a modular set that comes with a stand and a special laminated background.

Once you record your own hologram, you  can share the holographic videos with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. 


Do you think your product will be able to impact people’s lives?

We want to bring the fun and excitement of futuristic technology into every home with our patent-pending holographic systems.

Is there anything that you feel is currently lacking in your product? Will you fix it in the next generation?

One thing that we are lacking is the content. We need to produce more holographic videos that will cover the attention of all age groups.

(WION Edge with contributions from Ashna Mishra and Karanveer Singh Arora) 
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