Israeli military shot down Il-20 plane, we reserve right to retaliate: Russia

Konashenkov described the Israeli military's actions as hostile and an act of provocation, Interfax reported. Read Article

No choice but to take countermeasures against US tariffs: China

China's foreign ministry said that trade talks should be held on "an equal footing" Read Article

Pak Army chief General Bajwa on 3-day China visit

General Bajwa will be meeting top Chinese officials including defense personnel Read Article

Vostok-2018: Chinese, Russian troops take part in joint military excercise

Experts say Vostok-2018 is a new pattern for the military cooperation for the Chinese and Russian armies. Read Article

Resolutely oppose unilateral sanctions on Chinese entities: Foreign ministry

The Chinese foreign minister said reforms in the WTO would be long and complex Read Article

Visited Britain as tourists, say suspects accused by Britain of poisoning ex-Russian spy Skripal

The men said they deserved an apology from the real perpetrators of the poisoning. Read Article

Watch: In a first, Chinese navy jets complete night-time takeoff & landing

The carrier and the carrier-based aircraft also carried out training on nighttime search and rescue and nighttime flight around the carrier. Read Article

Resolutely oppose US using Xinjiang-related issues to interfere in our internal affairs: China

The US State Department had said it had received a letter from US lawmakers asking secretary of state Mike Pompeo to impose sanctions Read Article

Watch: China launches satellite to improve ocean remote sensing capability

China launched its first marine satellite, HY-1A, in May 2002 Read Article

Chinese athletes to undergo 'genetic testing' for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics: Report

Beijing was officially named the host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics in 2015 Read Article

Now, Algeria signs MoU with China on OBOR

During the FOCAC summit, President Xi had said China's investment in Africa comes with "no political strings attached" Read Article

Meddling by foreign company in our election is not permitted: Russia to Google

Navalny who is currently serving a 30-day sentence for violating laws during a protest in Russia has urged Russians to protest against local elections. Read Article

China to provide $60 billion for Africa's development: President Xi

Several countries including Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives and Greece have already signed up to the agreement Read Article

Trade talks with US should be resolved with sincerity & equality: China

Some Chinese firms and foreign companies in China have been affected by the US tariffs Read Article

US has no right to criticise our minorities policies: China

In the letter, the US lawmakers said Muslims in Xinjiang were "being subjected to arbitrary detention, torture, egregious restrictions" Read Article