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No self-driving cars yet for India, Brazil: Renault-Nissan CEO

Ghosn said traffic rules in Brazil are a ??joke?. He also said that people in India's Mumbai don't respect the rules.? Photograph: (Getty)

Paris, France Sep 30, 2016, 04.33 AM (IST)

Autonomous, self-driving cars will remain off the cards for Brazil and India, Renault-Nissan head Carlos Ghosn said on Thursday. 


Carlos indirectly slammed India and Brazil for having “flexible” approaches to mapping and driving rules, international news agency Reuters reported. 


"You need to have a mapping which is precise and reliable... You need to have also driving rules which are being respected, because autonomous cars respect the rules," Carlos Ghosn told reporters at the Paris motor show. 


Adding that the autonomous cars will hit the streets of “disciplined driving countries” like the United States, Japan and France, Ghosn said traffic rules in Brazil are a  “joke”. He also said that in India's Mumbai people don't respect the rules. 


"You know very well that in some cities in Brazil, this is a joke, you live in Brazil, I live in Brazil, at night cars don't stop at the red light. Nobody stops,” he said. 


(WION with inputs from Reuters)

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