Patents may allow Facebook to peep into your love life, hijack your phone's mic

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WION Web Team Delhi, India Jun 29, 2018, 10.51 AM (IST)

Facebook, reportedly, has requested for patents that can reveal a lot about its users' preferences and habits. The social networking website is believed to have acquired thousands of patents ever since its launch in the year 2012. Facebook is making headlines again for controversial patents that are raising questions over user privacy. 

According to reports, another patent that Facebook is contemplating to acquire involves using a person's microphone to detect and analyse TV viewing habits. 

A list of fresh patent requests by Facebook reveals that the company may aim at tracking almost all aspects of a user's life. 

Although Facebook has repeatedly stated not to read too deep into its patent requests and imagine the course of its future plants, its patents request signal strongly at the possibility of the company collecting more and more personal data, something for which the Zuckerberg-led company had to pay heavily in the recent past under the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook's patent requests suggest the company may also be able to peek into our love life by tracking the number of times we visit, rather stalk, another person's social profile. Facebook may also get an access to an individual's phone's microphone and collect ambient noise to study what television programmes one prefers.  

Another patent may look into your phone's location to ascertain whom you socialize with most often. Tracking the phone's activity may give an insight into the amount of sleep a person is getting. 

The process of filing patents come in the wake of cutthroat technological competition among global giants. Often these patents are never really put into practice, however, that does not nullify the possibility of Facebook's or any other social media giant's ability to extract personal information for insidious purposes. 

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This patent may also look into your phone's location to ascertain whom you socialize with most often

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